Bookmarklet For Bing Link Explorer

Posted on June 11, 2012

As covered extensively in this Whiteboard Friday Video by Rand Fishkin and Duane Forrester, Bing Webmaster Center has been through an extreme makeover. It now has some very useful features such as SEO reports and not least link explorer.

I have taken the Link Explorer for a spin, and I like it. There is some mighty fine link data in there, and It’s really good to know which links Bing values. It’s a good supplement to Open Site Explorer although the latter offers better segmentation. Anywho, as I use it a lot I wrote a quick bookmarklet for the Link Explorer.

To lookup the URL you are currently visiting, use this Link Explorer Bookmarklet (drag the link to your bookmark bar or copy the link to a bookmark). It works for Firefox and Chrome, and if it works for IE too, it’s pure luck. This bookmark works for any URL as long as you are signed in to Bing Webmaster Center.

Bing Link Explorer