Dozens of Content, SEO and Social Tools From Mozcon 2012

Posted on July 25, 2012

Here is a resource with all tools talked about at Mozcon 2012. Hope it’s a useful resource for mozcon attendees and non-attendees alike. It will be updated through out the three days (real time if wifi allows it).


Content Tools

Infogram is good at creating quick inforgraphics – especially if you aren’t a designer. There are limited templates, so cannot keep use it forever. But it’s a good way to test if it is worth investing in “real” infographics. Lean experimentation FTW!, recommended by @paddymoogan
Facebook Ads can be used to grasp the “idea graph” – it shows how seemingly random concepts are related. You don’t need to actually create the ad to get the data. Use this data to draw connections and create targeted content, recommended by @portentint
Portent Idea Graph is a (somewhat biased) extract of the idea graph pulled out from Facebook by @portentint
Google Analytics has CTR data. Not enough people use this. Is good for A/B testing (rich) snippets such as author photo, recommended by @cyrusshepard

Roger at MozCon

SEO Tools

- Mozcast shows a weather report of all flucturations in Google SERPS for top 10 rankings on 1,000 keywords, masterfully created by @dr_pete
- SEOmoz API to create custom SEO tools and leverage linkscape data, recommended by @randfish
- Paddy Moogan’s embed code generator can be used integrate embed codes into embed codes into embed codes, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Paddy Moogan’s embed and demo script that creates an embed script appearing when right clicking images, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Quora – people ask questions here, making it a very good place to find content ideas, recommended by @wilreynolds.
- Google Suggest and ÜberSuggest help find content ideas. Don’t hit enter after entering query. And try searching for [Your company Vs] and see who you are compared to, recommended by @wilreynolds.
- Scrape rate detects how much content is scraped. Good content gets scraped, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Broken link index lets you find broken links. It’s built on CommonCrawl – a crawl of the web that is freely available online, recommended by @ipullrank.
SEOGadget tool Use API got a lot of SEO metrics and data for free. You can get a unique API key at this URL by signing in with Twitter, recommended by @richardbaxter
Wipmania API for data about where websites – and thereby links – are located, recommended by @richardbaxter
SEOGadget Mozscape Tools is a comprehensive spreadsheet pulling Moz data directly into excel through API calls. Saves the time of constantly exporting csv files. And allows rapid prototyping of SEO apps and tools, recommended by @richardbaxterNote – the tool is free, but donations to Starlight Foundation are encouraged as payment.
Google Webmaster Tools has author stats from rel=”author” markup, recommended by @ajkohn
- Search Metrics is a decent index of Google search results and how they change (not indexes of links like Open Site Explorer and Majestics), recommended by @searchmartin
- Advanced Web Rankings is the best ranking data around, recommended by @searchmartin
- iCrossing Excel URL addin let’s you easily work with URLs in excel, being able to identify TLDs, subdomains etc., recommended by @

Laura Lippay saying welcome! (image credit: Anders Rosenqvist)

Outreach Tools

- SEOmoz directory list offers, as the name suggest, a list of directories that are still useful today, recommended by @randfish
- BlogDash, Blogger Linkup and Guestr find guest post opportunities, recommended by @paddymoogan. Pro tip: Guestr is smaller than bloggerlinkup but is likely to have higher conversion rate
- Guest blog opportunity custom search engine by Paddy Moogan is a custom search engines for sites accepting guest posts, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Tout Gmail plugin helps find email, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Rapportive Gmail plugin shows information about email recipients directly in Gmail, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Follower Wonk can be used to search for bloggers on Twitter. Try search commands such as ["beer" "blogger"], recommended by @paddymoogan
- Boomerang helps schedule emails and make follow up reminders if the recipient does not answer, recommended by @paddymoogan
- IFTTT (If This Then That) for automation. For example, set up automatic automatic emails whenever someone mentions a given hashtag on Twitter, e.g. #PRrequest. Makes it possible to respond very quickly when journalists or bloggers are looking for information See more recipes at Paddy Moogan’s Link Recipes, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Check My Links Chrome Plugin to identify broken links on competitors site. Use OSE to find people linking to the broken pages and have them link to your content, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Amazon – Find a blogger’s wishlist at Amazon and send her some of the stuff she want as a gift from your company
- Full Contact gives a lot of information about people based on email adresses, recommended by @ravenjon. Do note that some coding is required.
HARO – Help A Reporter is very useful but only when you have good linkable assets. Make sure there is a link to Expert page/bio and link to top articles, recommended by @cyrusshepard

UX Tools

- Balsamiq to create wireframes for lo-fi prototypes, recommended by @jcolman
- Mockingbird is a good tool for mock-ups and wireframes, recommended by @aleyda
- Axure can help create wireframes and interactive prototypes (thanks to @willegan for reminding me on this one)
- Patternry, Patterntap, and UI-patterns are all design libraries that help find design inspiration and see how different design elements interact, recommended by @helveticagirl
- Little Big Details collects plenty of little big details. Details matter although they are often hard to see at first sight, recommended by @helveticagirl

Marty Weintraub performing at Mozcon. Yes, performing.

Community & Social Media Tools

- Meetup to search for [bloggers] – good way to find out where to actually meet people. Much better than outreach emails, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Tom Anthony’s Tweet Scheduler sends tweets to other @users as soon as they send a tweet, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Sleeping Time find out when people on Twitter are offline and thus when to not tweet at them, recommended by @paddymoogan
- Google+ find potential and current brand advocates on Google+ search. Yes, it exists, recommended by @jennita
- RavenTools can be used as a CRM to organize interactions and information on people in your network. Great for long term relationship building for big teams, recommended by @ravenjon
- Social Mention gives real time information from social, recommended by @jennita
Shared Count API is a very simple API for social data. A good API to get started using APIs, recommended by @richardbaxter
Google+ helps quick indexation, recommended by @cyrusshepard
All My Plus gives statistics on all your Google+ activity, recommended by @cyrusshepard
- Tagdef, Twubs and Hashtags help find relevant hashtags for Twitter, recommended by @lookadoo

Management Tools

- Inbound Jobs is a job board for the online marketing industry. Costs $50 to post a job ad, recommended by @randfish
- Meeting Cost Calculator shows how much does your meeting costs. Could this time has been used more productively?, recommended by @jcolman
- Trello can be used for agile project management, recommended by @jcolman
- Asana, Redmine, Basecamp, Trello, IceScrum, and Google Docs are all useful project management tools depending on your specific needs, recommended by @aleyda

Mike King rapping his way in. Awesome. (image credit: Anders Rosenqvist)

User Research Tools

- Nielsen Prizm has an amazing list of personas for all types in america. The full data set costs $20k a year, but there is a free, limited edition at Claritas, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Google consumer surveys lets you get answers fromdemographics in the DoubleClick network. Matt Cutts did one recently, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Yahoo Clues – see demographic of website users and searchers for a given keyword, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Experian Simmons Mosaic gives insights into consumer behavior, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Social Crawlytics crawls a site and give share numbers for it. Pro tip: use it for competitive analysis as well, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Authora launched by @iPullRank at Mozcon – uses topic and social metrics to find authors. Related tools are,, findpeopleonplus, recommended by @ipullrank.
- User Reports help survey users and get demographic data into Analytics, recommended by @ipullrank.
- iAcquire Audience Worksheet for persona development, recommended by @ipullrank.
- GoFish gives topic ideas with a built-in audience, recommended by @ipullrank.
- Facebook Ads to identify master personas, recommended by @aimclear
- LinkedIn Ads to identify master personas, recommended by @aimclear
- Youtube Suggest is great for generating keywords that can be used to find dedicated segments in Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, recommended by @aimclear
Aarron Walter Design Personas is a good resource of personas created by Mailchimp’s Design lead, recommended by @helveticagirl

Analytics Tools

- Google Analytics can be used for attribution modelling. Especially Analytics Premium, recommended by @mikecp
- Mike Pontoliano’s multi attribution modelling excel tool can help give the same data as Google Analytics Premium. And for $150,000 less a year. Does not work on a Mac, created by by @mikecp
- User Testing, FiveSecondTest, and usabilla are all good tools for generating user feedback and usability, recommended by @joannalord
- Unbounce, Visual Website Optimizer, and Optimizely are all good for landing page optimization, recommended by @joannalord
- CrazyEgg to generate heat and click maps, recommended by @joannalord

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